Intel, BMW and QNX?

intel-car-21Intel asked me for a QNX logo to put on the outside of a car so I asked them for a picture of said car. This is a BMW with a Harman Becker infotainment system based on an Intel Atom hardware platform running QNX and our latest Aviage HMI and multimedia suite.

Obviously this car and the fact that QNX is in it, is not a secret. The irony for me is that two of the parties involved in this demo, Intel and BMW, supported a Wind River press release last May all about the next generation IVI stack they were developing on Linux. Its well over six months later and as far as I can tell, no one’s driving Linux around in a BMW.

QNX continues to push forward with products that are shipping today, way ahead of our competition. We really do put the show on the road.

by Linda Campbell

2 Responses to Intel, BMW and QNX?

  1. Ash says:

    Although its a BMW I think its not down to BMW I think. Its just a vehicle HB have used.

    The vehicle demos HMI’s from; Audi MMI, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. Hence, do you see a BMW Logo, apart from the on the front of all BMWs

  2. tertiarymatters says:

    Fair enough. You’re right, I don’t actually know if BMW has any involvement in this at all. I also can’t speak to what HMI’s the car demos. Thanks for the input.

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