Freescale based solutions for QNX from an expert!

A big warm welcome to Icytecture, a new venture co-founded by Boris Bobrov and Yossi Har-Nov, the latest members of the QNX Partner Network. Icytecture is a system integration house that specializes in and QNX based solutions. Their services include hardware and software design, mechanical design, integration, application development, and turnkey systems.

Yossi comes from Novtech, a company he founded that specialized in hardware and mechanical design. And Boris knows the inside and out from his time at Freescale. Boris saw the natural synergy between our rich BSP portfolio and Icytecture’s product roadmap of based hardware. His first platform is just coming out, it’s based on an i.mx31 and can be customized or ordered and deployed in its current form. Rumour has it that an i.mx35 based system is just around the corner.

And while they may be new to our ecosystem, they’re already doing the things that we consider best practices for a new partner – they spent a week in a QNX training course here in Kanata, they’re committed to writing and supporting their own BSP, and they introduced us to a new customer. (What more can you ask for?)

There is more…. they’ve agreed to post their BSP on Foundry 27 when its ready. We’re expecting to see it within the next few weeks. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

If you’d like to find out more about Icytecture, please send an email to 

And if you’re a partner and you’d like to find out more about training, BSP development or Foundry 27, feel free to leave us a comment or send email to

By Linda Campbell


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