QNX Support for Texas Instruments OMAP 3530

Today we published the first in a series of planned press releases for TI parts that QNX will be supporting.   The OMAP3530 is proving to be very popular across all the vertical market segments we serve, including Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical and Networking/Consumer. This is one processor well suited to rich graphics, video and audio processing, with an ARM Cortex A-8 processor and TMS3200C64x+ DSP for offloading audio and video processing. This part also has an Imagination Core for 3D acceleration which we’ll be supporting later in Q3 2009.

Perhaps most important is the fact that we’ve optimized our most recent release of  the QNX CAR reference design on this platform so customers interested in QNX Aviage Multimedia, HMI Player and Accoustic Echo Cancellation can take advantage of the optimizations we’ve made on this platform. You can find out more about our support for the OMAP3530 here:


Keep your eyes open here in the next few weeks for a video of the work we’ve done and look for additional announcements regarding QNX support for TI parts in the fall.


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