Freescale i.mx35 PDK for Linux (and QNX)

Freescale’s PDK for the new i.mx35 is now available. The PDK comes packaged up with Linux support, hence the name. But it also comes with QNX support.  QNX offers a full BSP including an optimized graphics driver which leverages the onboard AMD z.160 Open VG core.  This makes it an ideal platform for running our Adobe Flash Lite based HMI framework.

House May 2009 new 077The i.mx35 is targeted at consumer, automotive and industrial applications.  The combination of the i.mx35 and the QNX HMI suite are a perfect solution for companies building everything from infotainment systems to home appliances to building automation and security systems to ticketing and POS kiosks to digital signage and even netbooks. 

To get the QNX BSP, visit Foundry 27, our developer portal at

Now, if we could just get Freescale to change the name of the PDK, life would be perfect 🙂

imx35 002

(by Linda Campbell)


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