QNX is …”On The Box”…Literally….

According to phrases.org.uk being ‘on the box’ is a term used to indicate when one is off of work sick. ‘The box’ was where Friendly Societies kept the money to pay workers who were off sick; likewise Trades Unions for workers on strike. The term seems to have originated in the North of England in late 19th century.

At QNX we’re referring to QNX being “On The Box” to point out that it is our QNX Avaige HMI design for a smart energy management in home display or “IHD” that graces the box of Atmels SAM9G10 ARM 9 Evaluation Module. We’ve published a BSP for sister product SAM9G45 and M10 products on our community developer portal Foundry27 that you can find here:  http://community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.bsp/wiki/BSPAndDrivers.

We’ll present the reference design on youtube in February and you can also look for it at various silicon vendor booths at Embedded World Germany company in March.

Customers and partners interested in working with this sample reference design may contact their local sales office or email us at partners@qnx.com.


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