QNX at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – a first!

The Mobile World Congress is on this week in Barcelona. This is not typically a show in which we participate given its focus on handsets. However, this year we were there as part of the Alcatel Lucent stand. The ngConnect LTE connected car was the hit of the show, or at the very least, the hit of their stand 🙂 Halfway through day one, ALU had to hire a security guard because people kept jumping in the car from the aisles which conflicted with the schedule of 800 customer demos that were planned. Unbelievable!

Service providers from across the globe had a chance to experience first hand what LTE connectivity combined with a compelling set of apps running on an auto-grade universal application platform will do to change the driving experience and create demand for new connected services in the future. Now… all they need to do is invest in the necessary infrastructure and figure out their business models and the rest of us will be all set to take our connected lives onto the road with us.

QNXCAR in Barcelona with Alcatel Lucent

We also ran into another QNX demo at the show, although it wasn’t being marketed as such. Qualcomm was showing an Audi with the latest MMI software in the GSMA booth. We were happy to point out to them that their system was based on QNX too. So whether its 3G or 4G, QNXCAR is totally “connected”…

By Linda Campbell


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