Famous People at Breakfast

Recently at Mobile World Congress, we were invited by Laureen Cook of Alcatel Lucent to the Global Telecom Women’s Network power breakfast. She didn’t tell us much about it except that we had to get up early. So you can imagine our surprise to find that one of our keynote panelists was the former first lady of Great Britain, Cherie Blair. Since leaving 10 Downing St, she has created her own foundation for women entrepreneurship. So what was the connection to MWC? Her foundation had recently funded a market report on the gender gap on mobile phone ownership in low income countries and the socio-economic opportunities that this market represents.

I find it hard to imagine that there are places where high tech is a lowly mobile phone – not even a smart phone, mind you. And on one hand, it seems backwards, but on the other, I kind of like the idea of my computing experience evolving from my phone vs the pc and being able to by-pass the legacy that comes with it.

Back to Cherie… I didn’t approach her for a picture but since Laureen was on the panel with her, she got one. So the pic below is of Laureen and Cherie. But for the record, I did ride in the elevator with her. It made my day. My version of the story became “I had breakfast with Cherie”…

by Linda Campbell


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