Hotel attendants and Linux developers suffer….

… parallel at Embedded World.

I’m on to my second day ensconced in the Hotel Novotel, Nurnberg. It sits across from the Nurnberg Messe or better known in the embedded industry as the home of Embedded World Germany.

Like most hotels these days, there is a cute little card in my washroom which advocates conservation with the line “HELP US CONSERVE WATER RESOURCES” in a lovely italicized green lettering. I feel greener just reading it.

I further quote: “Everyday, Millions of liters of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once. 1 towel = 6 liters of water. It instructs me to “Put the towel on the hanger to indicate ‘ I will use it again’” or “Put the towel in the bathtub to indicate ‘please change it’”.

So as always, I diligently fold my towel on the hanger to do my little part to conserve resources. And as with the majority of hotels I stay in the room attendant changes my towel anyways. DOHH! As Homer Simpson would say.

My loosely connected rant is just this: It frustrates me when I see organizations that could be saving a great deal of time and money, not to mention help the planet, if they would simply follow their own posted best practices. Every day thousands of Linux developers suffer with code that wasn’t meant to be reliable, wasn’t meant to be reusable, and isn’t intended to be embedded. This week we’ll be diligently helping them to end their suffering by converting to QNX Neutrino.

Later today, Romain will talk more about finding our Smart Energy reference design at a variety of QNX Partner booths. This initial design will help you save development effort, time to market and energy for  a wide variety of rich HMI applicaitons.

Last but not least. If you’re a partner with something to show on QNX at Embedded World drop me a line. Cheers from Embedded World!

I hope you’ll come see us in Hall 11, booth 431.


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