Driver Distraction and Voice

We recently announced our partnership with Nuance around their speech technology. It is now available  as part of QNX CAR and a key element of the experience in the ng-Connect Toyota Prius that finds its way to what seems like every tradeshow on the planet these days.

One of the big areas of controversy around these incredibly feature rich infotainment systems is driver distraction. I can see myself getting killed playing with it while driving so I can pretty clearly understand the problem.

Not too  long ago, I read  that 2 seconds is the maximum time that a driver can be looking at the infotainment system before it becomes a problem. 2 seconds? Count it out – 1001, 1002. That’s a long time. At 100km/hour you could travel more than half the length of a football field. I don’t want to be on the roads surrounded by a bunch of drivers spending two seconds looking at their infotainment systems.

In the joint QNX Nuance press release we state “Voice enables highly intuitive user interfaces, ultimately driving adoption of connected car services and minimizing manual and visual distractions.” When we were drafting this release I was thinking “Good. QNX CAR is definitely moving in the right direction.”

Maybe I’ll be able to get home safely tonight after work.



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