The Kings of Leon and How to partner with QNX: Meet post 49429.

Apparently I lead a sheltered life. And so I’ve been compelled to rename this blog.

Today I was roundly chastised for not knowing who the Kings of Leon are. I must admit, that my radio dial is mostly tuned into CBC radio (think NPR in America), and my playlists are generally pilfered by my much more a la mode french wife who gravitates towards euro music. Alas, I have not yet heard a Kings of Leon song. I also don’t own a television, and therefore was not present to watch them win their Grammy award. Congratulations on that win by the way.

This does, however, illustrate well that you need to participate in the culture in order to benefit from the culture. Thus I’ll forward you on to my original post:

Trade show season is well underway and I’m regularly being asked “How can we partner with QNX?”.

With this in mind, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to post 49429. a.k.a Leon. Leon is one of the more than 30,000 Foundry27 Community Members who are posting their needs and requirements on our QNX community portal for developers. In Leon’s case he’s looking for:

"a cheap x86 target system that has at least a x4 PCI Express slot, and with network support"

Now at first blush this may not seem significant, and I won’t speak for Leon’s case, but I can tell you that many a similar request have turned into programs for several thousand sockets (silicon vendor lingo for units sold). So whether it’s silicon, boards and systems or other embedded software components and services, the easiest way to find QNX customers and engage with us in partnering activities is to check out what the QNX developer community is asking for on And now with over 1000 posts per month there are a lot of commercial opportunities to partner with QNX and our customers.

And if you’re a supplier of a system that might meet Leon’s requirements, let me introduce you to the ‘Kings of Leon’:


2 Responses to The Kings of Leon and How to partner with QNX: Meet post 49429.

  1. Hi Linda,

    I just send an email to Leon pointing to your post. It is funny, really funny. I had a good laugh.
    If I say baseballs, you will probably answer: “New York Yankees”. I will reply with


  2. Hmmm, I thought it was Linda posting the message but it was Kroy 🙂 Sorry for the mixup.

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