QNX CAR on its way to ESC

If you haven’t already heard, QNX and Alcatel Lucent have built a car of the future based on a Toyota Prius. The basic premise is that someday soon a 4G network will enable an always on broadband pipe to the car. If you think of the car as a citizen of the cloud you will start to understand how powerful this notion will be. Think streaming high def video, Google street view, up to date traffic information, the nearest Star Bucks and directions on how to get there. The possibilities are mind boggling.

The Prius will be in the QNX booth at ESC April 27-29. Drop by for spin.


2 Responses to QNX CAR on its way to ESC

  1. Henri Engel says:

    I have seen the car. Actually I have been in it ( rear seats )and tried the system.
    Fantastic !
    But I immediately wonder …. ( living in Europe ) what about all the cars that don’t have it ( 200 mio!) !?

    Btw I am focussing on aftermarket solutions including ADAS/ISA/PAYD/LBS/eCall…..etc.

    Henri Engel
    md STOK bv

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