QNX CAR wins an award – sort of…

Last night I was at a dinner where QNX and Alcatel Lucent won an award for our strategic partnership. If you’ve  perused  Tertiary Matters you will have seen that we’ve been working closely with Alcatel Lucent in the ng Connect program (www.ngconnect.org). In fact, our work with Alcatel Lucent drove the creation of the Toyota Prius dream car that grabs so much attention everywhere it goes.

When we won, somebody from QNX said nice things about Alcatel Lucent and somebody from Alcatel Lucent said nice things about QNX. I’m here to say nice things about  everyone who contributes to QNX CAR.

It was the existence of QNX CAR that brought the two companies together. OK, QNX leadership in automotive didn’t hurt but Alcatel Lucent quickly saw that the connected nature of QNX CAR platform was exactly what they needed to prove out the art-of-the-possible in a 4G world.

If the participants in QNX CAR hadn’t all worked together to make it a reality, we would not likely have had such a deep and successful partnership with Alcatel Lucent and we would not have won the award.


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