QNX Partner Round Up in Latest Generation of OS & Tool Suite

Last week we announced the soon to be released next generation of our operating system and development tools for the automotive, industrial, medical, networking, and defense markets. Version 6.5 of the QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS) and the QNX Momentics® Tool Suite introduces many new capabilities pertaining to our partner products. Here are the key highlights:

  • SMP support expands to 32 cores and includes support for ARM Cortex-A9 processors and Freescale Power e500MC processor cores. This will provide additional scalability for compute-intensive applications in networking, image processing, and other environments. Stay tuned later this year for more announcements on vendor specific ARM Cortex-A9 BSP’s being released to the Foundry27 community.
  • To compliment this the 6.5 release of the QNX Neutrino RTOS also delivers faster kernel performance under heavy memory utilization and significantly higher file system throughput for these platforms.
  • Our industrial PC support has been refreshed with expanded support for x86 boards from Advantech and Kontron. Customer’s can expect to see additional board level investments as we continue to collaborate with these vendors in providing improved SBC support. We’ll be publishing a list of boards supported in the hardware directory and Foundry27 in the coming weeks. Chipset support includes: Intel 910GM, 945GSE, 945GC, 965GM, GM45, Q35, Atom N450 & D510(formerly Luna Pier). A post 6.5 patch is expected to follow with support for Q57, QM57 and Tunnel Creek Support. We also include support for Intel advanced programmable interrupt controllers (APICs), Intel message signaled interrupts (MSIs) in the 6.5 release.

As our partner community begins to validate their products on the 6.5 release, we’d like to hear from you so that we may inform the rest of the community about 6.5 validated solutions.


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