Calling all Adobe Flash Developers

Chumby has joined the QNX CAR program and will be part of the next QNX CAR release. If you don’t know about Chumby, it is a clock radio like device with upwards of 1500 widgets. Widgets range from a streaming Shamu webcam to daily Dilbert cartoons to financial stock quotes. Facebook, twitter and other social media applications are supported. They have a thriving community of widget developers, some with very strange senses of humour, serving up all kinds of content.

The neat thing about Chumby was the technical scope of the integration. Chumby is a flash application and when it was brought into the QNX CAR framework it just worked. Just like that – no muss, no fuss, no problem.

I’m calling out to folks who are developing Flash applications that they think would make sense for automotive infotainment systems of the future but don’t necessarily have access to automotive Tier 1s and OEMs or even really understand the automotive market. QNX CAR is a platform for your apps! Check out


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