30 Years of QNX Partners

As we get ready to celebrate our 30th year in business I thought it would be interesting to take a snapshot of how QNX has evolved in terms of our partnerships. Now, I’ve only been at QNX for 3 years so I needed to source some inspiration from elsewhere.  Thankfully I was able to find these images of qnx.com circa December 27th 1996 on the Wayback machine:

Our Third Party Solutions directory was a brand new feature to our 1996 homepage. In fact it is quite likely 1996 was the first year we had a homepage. Highlight categories were: Database & 4GL tools, Development Tools, Embedded Industrial Hardware, Industrial Automation, Mutlimedia Communications and Connectivity, Storage and Backup Systems, Training & Consultants. There were approximately 40 third parties we linked to from our directory.

Contrast that to present day with over 300 registered QNX partners and some 14 partners categories. One big change is the Silicon category. In 1996 we didn’t have a Silicon Partner category since we only supported the x86 architecture. Now we support ARM, MIPS, PPC, SH as well as FPGA solutions.

30 years on and we’re gearing up for another look at how we list and promote our partner ecosystems. If you have any suggestions for how you’d like to be listed within our partner directory or elsewhere then drop us a line. We’d be happy to hear from you.


One Response to 30 Years of QNX Partners

  1. Paul Leroux says:

    Re QNX’s first homepage: It was launched in Fall 1994, if I remember correctly. It was definitely live in 1995.

    – Paul

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