Partners overcome volcanic ash to make QNX Russia 2010 a success!

In spite of the logistical challenges presented by the spewing Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, QNX partners helped to make QNX Russia 2010 a great success. With over 400 attendees at this year’s conference there was plenty to see and learn from the exhibits and speakers.

A special acknowledgment goes out to Freescale Semiconductor and Fastwell who were the respective Platinum and Gold show sponsors. Also participating were IBM as the Innovation Partner.

Other partners were:

Silver Sponsors: Kontron, Texas Instruments & PRQA

Conference Partner: Simecs Ltd. ,Relex, Softlogic S3, Nautilus Ltd., Argosy Technologies, Ltd.,

And partners’s visiting QNX Russia for the first time: Cogent, Advantech and IVA.

Last but not least, the show recap wouldn’t be complete without a call out to Larry Atkinson and Marcus Bortel of QNX who helped interface with the attending partners. Here’s Marcus at QNX Russia telling like it is!

Thank you for a successful conference and we look forward to seeing you back in Moscow in 2012!


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