PPS for IA from QNX & TI: ETA May 18th

Please allow me to decipher this alphabet soup.

Persistent Publish and Subscribe. This is the messaging framework we’re deploying to aid in the design and deployment of embedded applications that must not only support a wide range of devices and software components, but also communicate with a sophisticated HMI such as the next generation of smart Industrial Automation controllers and management systems.

In our webinar on May 18th with Texas Instruments we’ll show how we have used a Flash-based HMI, but the advantages offered by the PPS messaging model could also apply to HMIs built with other technologies.

Join QNX Software Systems and Texas Instruments for a presentation of key technologies that are already enabling the implementation of smart devices into smart homes, buildings, and a host of industrial applications.

Learn how to make design decisions that can save development effort, time and costs, while delivering a smart industrial system conceived to easily integrate new technologies and devices. In the presentation we will review market trends and specifically, we will discuss system design, including silicon selection, the Persistent Publish/Subscribe messaging paradigm, and the use of Adobe Flash Lite (Flash for embedded systems) for building diverse industrial systems. We will review the existing TI solution tailored for this market and the benefits of using the TI portfolio with the QNX Neutrino RTOS.

Register here:



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