Remote Update and QNX CAR

Red Bend Software is a company that has been working in the mobile handset space for quite a few years. They have technology that allows them to compare two different software images, extract the delta between the two images, create a download package  and install it on a device remotely. This is great technology for mobile devices as air time costs money.

QNX and Red Bend have been working together to bring this technology to automotive. As we move to the connected vehicle, the ability to upgrade software in the car without bringing it into the dealership will have appeal to all. Need an upgrade – no problem – it’s already happened and you didn’t need to do anything.

To prove this out QNX and Red Bend will be showing this capability in the QNX booth at Telematics Update. We have worked together to create a delta file between the QNX M4 and M5 builds of QNX CAR. The delta file between the two builds is less than one fifth the size of the full image. That’s 20% of the bandwidth that would have been needed otherwise.

Come see us at Telematics Update – this is just one of the new things we’ll be showing off.


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