An embedded picture is worth a thousand…huh?

May 20, 2010

I must admit, that as a philosophy major in a sea of engineers much of the technical detail about what we do at QNX gets lost on me. However one area who’s value is plain even for the likes of me to see is the impact of a well executed HMI on transforming user experience. The bar continues to rise on what constitutes great HMI design and with that both technologies, techniques for deployment and deployment process best practices are maturing at a rapid rate. Oh, and more than just a little artistic finesse is also helpful.

One such firm with a good mix of skills and know how that I’ve blogged about in the past is Teknision. We’ve been collaborating with Gabor Vida and the Teknision team now for more than a year on an exciting array of next generation embedded HMI’s and associated devices with medical, industrial, automotive and consumer application. And with an exciting year of customer launches ahead of us we thought it was time to take the veil off of some of the Teknision goodness that is enabling our customers to celebrate embedded HMI design success.

Please join QNX Software Systems and Teknision on May 27th for a webinar that examines some solid fundamentals behind good HMI design. We’ll explore how to connect the HMI to lower-level components in detail, showing how straightforward that can become with the right design in a complete soup-to-nuts implementation. Register here: