Smart Products Require Smart Partnerships

March 14, 2010

Last week we released a PR about our partnership with Texas Instruments to enable adopters of the QNX CAR reference design and development program with the OMAP3530 and J3 (AM3517) platforms. Combined with the OMAP3730 the three parts are proving to be an effective go to market roadmap for development from prototype to production of infotainment and digital instruments cluster designs. Customers have been demonstrating good success, for more than a year,  with adopting the low cost OMAP3530 Beagle board for early stage development while planning for release on this or other parts in the portfolio.

Apropos, our PR was picked up by Hans Lewis of TMCnet as supporting content for their Smart Products Ecosystem Conference and web portal.

Working with partners like TI who understand the need to closely collaborate at enabling customers is key to our future success and the success of the QNX CAR program. To learn more about how customers are using the QNX CAR reference platform and Texas Instruments OMAP and other ARM processors to rapidly develop their automotive infotainment platforms visit here